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Slither Tail Green 120S

Slither Tail Green 120S

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Slither 120 S is a medium size minnow design for all anglers. Be it beginners with no experience on how to work properly a stickbait, this lure is very easy to work. Just cast and do a fast or slow retrieve.
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Rigging Options

Belly Trouble - Recommended

  • Belly: 1/0 Bkk Diablo
  • Tail: 4/0 single Bkk
  • More eratic action

Double Single

  • Belly: 4/0 single BkK
  • Tail: 4/0 single Bkk

Double Treble

  • Belly: 1/0 Bkk / Owner
  • Tail: 1/0 Bkk / Owner

Swim Action

Awesome S Swim eratic action with some random tail kick on a heavy swipe doing some splash in the water.

Build Strong

Featured with a 2mm hard shell protecting the core made from high quality polyurethane resin from UK. It is cast under high pressure to ensure a strong bonding between the core and the shell and thus resulting in a strong robust lure with the ability to withstand toothy predators and prevent the core from water logging.

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